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10-Mar-2020 17:51

I don't know if I'm considered lucky or suay, I just receive 3 messages from 3 different girls while looking through my We Chat at Sembawang Sun Plaza. Police said that victims are usually men, and the online platforms involved are We Chat, Locanto and Ok Cupid.All three of them are pretty young PRC girls, very presentable wearing branded goods in their profile pictures. Scammers would usually engage their victims via phone calls and online messaging.The victims are usually told to buy gift cards or online shopping credits such as i Tunes or Alipay Purchase Cards before they can meet up or date the scammer.What makes the victims desperate to meet the scammer?He said that this PRC lady was a friend of a friend.

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So this man by the name of "alvin", wechat ID of "a b c" decided to send me a dick pic despite being ignored for the past messages.

A few months ago, he started telling our mother to buy him more colourful clothes. He also started to criticise my mother's dressing. My mother realised that he was constantly chatting with this PRC lady.

The China Press reported that a 15 year old girl was gang-raped by two men whom she had befriended on We Chat in Kuala Lumpur. The victim turned up at the house of her We Chat "friends" and was slapped and dragged into one of the rooms.

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Most victims received unsolicited messages from persons claiming to be stock brokers, employees of banks or financial companies who introduced them to investment packages that promised returns of 10 to 50 times the amount invested.