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Here are the most likely reasons your vagina isn't as lubricated as usual: When your estrogen level drop dramatically in menopause, the tissue in the vagina becomes thinner, less elastic, and dry, Rowen explains.

The collection of menopause-induced changes in the genital area is called genitourinary syndrome of menopause—it used to be called vaginal atrophy.

Breast cancer treatments like chemotherapy can have a similar effect.

Maybe you switched to a new Pill, and noticed your vagina suddenly morphed into the Sahara.

If your vagina is dry, chances are your hormones are to blame. "The tissue in the vulva and vagina have testosterone and estrogen receptors, means it's sensitive to those hormones.

[Their presence] drives blood flow to the tissue," Tami Rowen, M.

” Thus they try to make up for the time they lost in trying to excel in life.

This can be observed in 90% of the men in their 30s, seen by their interest in flashier cars, brighter colours and newer partners. But there are, of course, differences: Men are often seen to step out of their relationships to embark on one last adventure.

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The fact is that a woman’s sexual desire has always been frowned upon and by the time you are 30, you are expected to perform other duties, other roles, of being a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law, a professional. But this should not be the case because: Research suggests that women in their 30s and 40s have a higher sex drive then in their 20s.

Women are more secure with known partners who are accustomed with their routine and have been known to provide ultimate pleasure.

Again, dissatisfaction with familiarity may lead women to look for new partners, because, being aware of their desire, by this time, women also know what they do not want.

From what I could gather talking to my women-friends, the common perception is that sex may be exciting and impulsive in the 20s, but it gets to being a ‘chore’ in the 30s.

From the twirling 20s to the thriving 30s, there are obvious changes in sex patterns and expectations.Dryness is a hallmark symptom, as is "irritation, loss of lubrication and pain with sex, an increased risk of UTIs, and even incontinence," Rowen says.