Sedating children on long haul flights

01-Nov-2020 18:45

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And it's one that has the PC brigade out in force, claiming that to drug children on a plane is tantamount to child abuse" she wrote. "I would never do that" wrote a member of the Australian migration forum Pomsin Oz."You never know how your kid will react to meds and most importantly, drugging a kid for your or other passengers' convenience is unacceptable.""I wouldn't dream of doing that. We trialed it before leaving (it makes some kids hyper) as DD gets travel sickness and the Dr said it would have the added 'bonus' of helping her sleep. I don't travel without it now.""This is me" said another parent.To be honest, they are very easy to pack and lightweight that even on my short flights, I bring them just in case.

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They are lightweight, easy to pack and can definitely brought through the security as long as you empty it.Find the most suitable travel water bottle for you, Check this comparison table that I made can help you decide.You can either get a inflatable neck pillow to save some space in your luggage plus it's very lightweight or regular soft ones. Invest on a good one, they are very useful not only during the flight but on the connections too.If they don't genuinely need it it's just wrong and can be seen as abuse," agreed another. As one anonymous person posted on the Essential Baby website. "Wouldn't get on a long haul flight without it."Dr Scott Dunlop, consultant paediatrician at Sydney Paediatrics says he would generally advise against giving it.

"Overdosing might sedate a child too much, leading to breathing concerns," he says.

' — that made me reach, in desperation, for the bottle in my handbag.