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The online training was created with the expertise of leading experts Dr. Provincial and territorial jurisdictions play an extremely important role in enhancing the national harmonized approach protocol within their jurisdictions.

Two specific examples that significantly enhance a harmonized approach include Ontario, with the development and implementation of Rowan's law, and in Quebec with an enhanced return-to-play protocol.

Coaches are a part of our entire sports system of technical leaders and administrators who work to develop and protect our athletes and participants in sport.

The Coaching Association of Canada's mandate, recognized by all federal, provincial and territorial ministers, is to lead ethically sound coaching and sport leader training, delivery and promotion, in association with other stakeholders, through our national coaching certification program.

Education and training through the NCCP is widely noted in the research as having a significant impact in changing coaching behaviours in all sports contexts: community, competitive and instructional.

Through our partnership, over 60,000 new coaches enter the national coaching certification program on an annual basis, and the highest percentage of our coaches taking the national coaching certification program training are engaged at a community or competition introduction level.

As concussions are not exclusive to any sport in particular, regardless of high or low risk, the entire sports system, from community to high performance, is responsible for concussion prevention, detection and management. With respect to baseline testing, the CAC's NCCP Making Head Way module recognizes the recommendations of the federal, provincial and territorial working group, the international Concussion in Sport Group and Parachute Canada in our educational material and education of coaches as we work towards a harmonized approach to concussion management.

With the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada, the national coaching certification program's Making Head Way in Sport e-learning module was developed in 2013 as a tool to better equip and enable coaches to manage concussion through prevention, detection and recovery. We've worked closely with Parachute and the federal, provincial and territorial groups to ensure a harmonized approach in the prevention, detection and recovery and return to play from concussions.

Through our survey that we do post e-learning, 88% of those who have been surveyed have indicated that they are more confident in handling concussions with their athletes and managing concussions after having taken NCCP Making Head Way.

Rugby Canada, like many sports, has developed guidelines.

What has been critical in developing these guidelines is that they are not being done in isolation.

Since its launch in 2013, approximately 52,000 coaches have taken NCCP Making Head Way.

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We have seen an 87% increase in the number of coaches who have engaged on an annual basis since 2015.

Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear.