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Scotty returns home drunk and angry and reads an e-mail from his German pen pal, Mieke, who Scotty calls "Mike", expressing sympathy for Scotty and suggesting they meet in person.Cooper suggests that "Mike" may be a sexual predator, and Scotty tells Mieke to stay away from him.Scotty's younger brother informs him that "Mieke" is a common German girl's name.Realizing that he had mistaken her name, and that he has feelings for Mieke, Scotty tries to contact her again, but finds that Mieke has blocked his email address.Director-cowriter Megan Griffiths refuses to sensationalise the tabloid aspects of this harrowing true story about human trafficking within the USA.As she follows the central character into a nightmare of forced prostitution, the film could have easily exploited the sexual situations.The scene where the main characters are boarding at the Paris railway station was filmed in Prague's main railway station (Hlavní nádraží).The scene inside Vatican City was actually filmed in Prague's National Museum.

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In Rome, the group heads to Vatican City, where Mieke is touring before her summer at sea.

Jenny and Jamie decide to accompany Scotty and Cooper to find Mieke in Berlin. Drunk on absinthe, Jenny and Jamie make out with each other, witnessed by Scotty and Cooper, and are horrified when they realize what they are doing.