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16-Nov-2020 23:02

But Italy contains yet another micro-country – San Marino.

San Marino has a population of 32,000 inhabitants, and it is only a little over 61 square kilometres or 24 square miles.

The Basilica of San Marino was constructed in 1836 in place of 7th-century church.

It is built in the Neoclassical style, with a porch of eight Corinthian columns.

The shopkeepers are outside their stores greeting you and attempting to attract you inside with offers. In the Old Town, restaurants are abundant, but it can get expensive even if you ask for the cheaper menus.

To our luck, there were also many cafes, which served gorgeous inexpensive sandwiches.

It was heartbreaking to see, but it was a great teaching opportunity for our kids.

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The square, apart from being a perfect place for a little R&R, also offers splendid views of the surrounding land; with green hills as far as you can see.

We hit the jackpot at a café located between the first and second tower, called Hocus Pocus.

For 6.50 euro, I ordered the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever had.

I remember visiting Gibraltar and not being able to afford anything, because most of the shops were luxury merchandise.

Sales and no VAT added doesn’t mean much when everything on sale is high-end and already very expensive.

It’s mindboggling to see what humans will do to other humans.