Sagittarius dating a pisces

23-Feb-2020 13:32

Pisces is like you, but over the next three weeks, being more like the compassionate water sign does wonders for your closest, most intimate relationships, and your sex life becomes way more intense too.If you’re single, a first date or hookup can lead to catching major feels, so don’t expect a fling to just stay a fling.You don’t like to get soft unless it’s in front of someone you really trust, so a lot of your time is spent alone or with people you really, trust.Secret relationships are more likely to start now too, but be careful—foggy Pisces can cloud your view of others now, and your new lover might just be a f*ckboy in disguise. You’re a great listener who always has a shoulder available to cry on, and you give solid, practical advice.Nobody’s perfect (not even you) and once you accept that, you find it much easier to dive into the emotional side of your relationships.

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Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, so it signifies the ending of cycles, but this doesn’t mean that this is a time where relationships are more likely to end or anything!Working on an already-existing relationship is a great use of this deeply loving energy, and you can also find success in starting new relationships!The key is to let easygoing Pisces help you relax and eliminate your critical need for perfection in your relationships.Cancer You have a lot of feelings as a water sign, but tend to lock them up tight in your shell.

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Venus in Pisces helps you loosen up and connect more deeply with others now, and the new faces you encounter promise to teach you a lot!

Growing tighter with your friends is priority numero uno while Venus is in Pisces, so expect more invites to social soirees and get-togethers.

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