Rules for dating my teenage son

28-Aug-2020 08:43

Teens can cook a meal and may even prefer to, especially if a parent’s cooking skills are mildly challenged and deficient. When kids help out, the parents are less cranky — what kid wants a cranky parent? Your teen should not be permitted to call you dumb, stupid, idiot or any regional variation thereof.

Not all children understand this principle, especially if they have friends whose parents allow them to speak disrespectfully to them.

The more obvious the pairing the more likely it is that a chaperon is necessary, but this is not the same thing as dating.

This is the time when young men and women should learn to be around each other.

My wife and I started dating early and at that point in time I really was looking for someone to marry.

I think the age limit really needs to be more of a maturity limit. Let me clarify here, dating is not the same as going out with a mixed group of boys and girls, even if there is some obvious pairing.

We live in a dangerous world, and our kids do dangerous things (kids don’t have good judgment). No friends in the house without parents in the house.

If your kids ask for an explanation, you can say either, “because I’m the mommy, that’s why” or that parents get gray hair prematurely and our hearts skip beats when we don’t know where our children are. You don’t owe your children an explanation, except to tell them that, if you were to get sued, you all might not have a roof over your heads.

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One of my favorite things was that she openly said, These are our rules, they might be different for other families, but these are some basics. Too many people kind of say, hey these are our rules and should be everyone else’s as well.Besides it is a lot easier to get to know someone’s family when you aren’t under the pressure of trying to impress them because you are romantically interested in one of them.If you have spent time hanging out working in their garden, playing with their brothers and sisters, talking with their parents you will have a much better idea of who it is you are getting involved with. When it is time to put the tools away and head off to church or nice dinner think of the way they act and dress and are treated.Again remembering that dating is about finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with, and that while you are young it is very easy to be blinded by those romantic feelings.

If you have time to get to know the person first it makes that “happily ever after” that much easier.

While this is not a hard and fast rule, it should be a good rule of thumb. Since this is a list for boys, they are looking for someone to be their wife.

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