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A court order issued June 26 set a deadline of July 10 to reunite the roughly 100 young children with their parents.Booker, the junior senator from New Jersey, is just one of 1,283 Democrats who in 2020 hopes to make Donald Trump a one-term president. We’re very busy.” TMZ’s cameras caught up with Dawson as she was walking through Reagan National Airport in Washington, D. The interviewer first pointed out that Dawson had been spending a lot of time recently in our nation’s capital. Should he get elected in 2020, he could be the third man in U. history to be sworn into the office of president without being married (provided he and Dawson don’t decide to add a wedding to his campaign to-do list).The other two are James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland, the latter of whom ended up being the first sitting president to hold a wedding in the White House.And from what Dawson had to say to TMZ, it seems that she and Booker are just at the beginning stages of their relationship. When he finally asked her to confirm the rumors that she and Booker were dating, Dawson didn’t hesitate. He then asked if Dawson and Booker would be following in J-Lo and A-Rod’s example anytime soon and become engaged. However, she did have plenty of nice things to say about him. “I got a boo.”On Thursday, Rosario Dawson, the actress and political activist who supported Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential campaign, confirmed widespread speculation that it was she who was dating Mr.Booker, according to a video posted by TMZ.“I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much,” Ms.

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Booker’s campaign declined to comment on the relationship between the two. Dawson’s comments on TMZ came after gossip websites had already gushed that the two had been seen together at the movies and had even reportedly said “I love you.”Mr. Sanders, who faced Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. Whereas Cory played it coy when asked the same during an interview, Rosario spilled the beans right away. I'm just grateful to be with someone I respect and love and admire so much, who is so brilliant, and kind, and caring, and loving." Dear Evan Hanson." Cory was asked about their relationship during a February 5 interview on "The Breakfast Club," but demurred from naming any names. "Before I declare president, I'm dating somebody that's really special." As for a stint in the White House as FLOTUS?