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Julianna made her television show debut on the crime drama Law & Order in 1993. She believes in having everything but in moderation. Julianna is a massive fan of the step machine and feels that it’s a great lower body workout.Halley tries to turn a blind eye to Dag's infidelity, but when she discovers he had a one-night stand with Rebecca, a beautiful but troubled dancer who is dating Dag's close friend Peter, she decides things have gone too far.Julianna made her theatrical film debut as Rica in the action drama film Out for Justice in 1991. She also likes doing Pilates and helps keep her body toned.Julianna has high protein energy-rich food and keeps carbohydrates at bay.She resorts to drinking alcohols only during the weekends but occasionally.

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But there's something strange in the details Brenda Martin slowly brings to light regarding her abductor and her missing child.When he later dies in an apparent suicide, the family finds itself in the center of a high profile investigation that rocks their community revealing just how far parents will go to protect their children A true every-man finds himself the test subject of an evil scientist.He is endowed with the powers of a god against his will, and with his family held hostage, must escape the clutches of his maniacal captor in order to save them and the world Thomas Archer had everything.However, as Paula makes her way through Peter's daisy-chained circle of friends, events begin taking a strange turn as her new acquaintances begin dropping like flies.

Just a Kiss was the first feature film directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Fisher Stevens.When her mother marries, her new stepfather becomes jealous of the powerful bond between mother and daughter Four young friends from Hell's Kitchen get into trouble and are sent to reform school, where they are sexually abused by guards.