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as has her daughter, who lived in the household until she turned 17.

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)')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_2_4', 'clue_J_2_4_stuck', 'Her performances as the nerdy Lisa Loopner on "Saturday Night Live" were "so funny I forgot to laugh"')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_2_4_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_3_4', 'clue_J_3_4_stuck', 'The first ready-mix pancake flour sold commercially in the U. was named for this fictional woman')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_3_4_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_4_5', 'clue_J_4_5_stuck', 'In this Russian classic the main character is told, "You shouldn\'t have gone murdering people with a hatchet"')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_4_5_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_1_1', 'clue_DJ_1_1_stuck', 'Each year about 1 million Hindu pilgrims journey to Varanasi, India to wash away their sins in this holy river')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_1_1_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_5_1', 'clue_DJ_5_1_stuck', 'This mollusk captures its prey with its 8 arms, bites it with its beak & injects poison from its salivary glands')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_5_1_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_1_2', 'clue_DJ_1_2_stuck', 'The Biblical book bearing her name begins by saying it took place "in the days when the judges ruled"')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_1_2_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_3_3', 'clue_DJ_3_3_stuck', 'As a child, this "Fame" singer was in the Broadway musical "Maggie Flynn" with Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_3_3_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_3_4', 'clue_DJ_3_4_stuck', 'This singer seen here gave a fine performance as Delroy Lindo\'s troubled daughter in "The Cider House Rules"')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_3_4_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_5_4', 'clue_DJ_5_4_stuck', 'This "black" African snake\'s venom is so deadly that death is almost 100% certain without antivenin')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_5_4_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_3_5', 'clue_DJ_3_5_stuck', 'This TV Catwoman\'s purr-fect performance in Broadway\'s "The Wild Party" earned her a Tony nomination in 2000')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_3_5_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_DJ_5_5', 'clue_DJ_5_5_stuck', 'AKA the violin spider, this poisonous variety differs from other spiders in that it has 6 eyes rather than 8')" onclick="togglestick('clue_DJ_5_5_stuck')"The J! Drew Walter Peterson (born January 5, 1954) is a retired Bolingbrook, Illinois police sergeant who was convicted in 2012 for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, a few months after their 2003 divorce.

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