Replication error updating replica

07-Jun-2020 06:21

replication error updating replica-8

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By limiting the number of tickets issued per second, the flow control mechanism attempts to keep the the lag under the target. These slow oplog entries depend only on the slow operation threshold.

They do not depend on the log levels (either at the system or component level), or the profiling level, or the slow operation sample rate. must be able to connect to every other member of the set to support replication.

If you reboot the two secondaries at once, the primary steps down and becomes a secondary.

Until at least another secondary becomes available, i.e.

Sven Yes, in the folder replication we did the insertion of new rows before updating the changed ones. I'm sending the resulting db to Richard for confirmation that the contents are ok. opening source: sqlite://;schema=CCSOURCE.db;dbname=CCSOURCE opening target: sqlite://;schema=CCTARGET.db;dbname=CCTARGET Time of last update: 2007-03-26_.971762000 GMT Time of replication: 2007-03-26_.894539000 GMT Replicating node table Replicating nodes Replicating folders Replicating /SV/sv1 ...

Also keeping this open until we have a test in test_that exposes the problem in the bugged replication tool.

[1] At a minimum, an oplog should be able to hold minimum 24 hours of operations; however, many users prefer to have 72 hours or even a week’s work of operations.

Originally submitted by Richard ===================================================== Hi Andrea, I have now been playing with cool Replicate (in the Wed dev nightly) a bit (using SQLite), and seem to have hit a bug.

This is apparent in the modification time stamp on the source as well: OBJECT_ID LASTMOD_DATE ---------- --------------------------------- 1 2007-03-21_.500186000 GMT 4 2007-03-21_.021407000 GMT 7 2007-03-21_.482733000 GMT 10 2007-03-21_.482733000 GMT I'm checking why this isn't replicated correctly.

Always verify connections in both “directions.” Networking topologies and firewall configurations can prevent normal and required connectivity, which can block replication.