Rehydroxylation dating sample

04-Feb-2020 09:29

In this case, the most significant contribution to combined measurement uncertainty is from effective lifetime temperature.

In addition, it is shown that precision should be acceptable for recently fired material (less than 1 year).

Mismatch of balance resolution to sample mass results in large variation in combined relative uncertainties, which vary by four orders of magnitude (approx.

1-1160%) across recent experimental studies, rendering some recently reported dates meaningless.

A suite of techniques are applied to characterise these ceramics, including XRD, FTIR, p-XRF, thin-section petrography, BET analysis, TG-MS and permeametry.

This is the combined mass gain of all the three types of water identified T0 T1 T2 (~27,000 data points).This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Quantachrome Instruments.