Quicken stocks not updating

15-Oct-2020 06:14

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I don't know for sure that the Validate fixed the problem. (not even during the Boxing day blitzes) Relax foobs.It could also be that their currency data server was down. No need to join the Liberals or NDP in order to get a handout Just sign yourself up to Intuit's Beta Program.In exchange for my efforts they give me a free copy of the final product and most years even send me a nice tchotchke. Just install the sucker and confirm that the copy protection works and the returns counter works.

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For instance the regular TD Can Index is TDB215 while the e Fund version is TDB900. In Quicken you have to use the prefix F: for mutual funds, e.g. This was the extent of the "service" Kind of like "protection" from the mob.

Added: I just ran an Update and got the same error. If they accept you, you'll get to beta test new annual releases of Quicken and Quick Tax.