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24-Jun-2020 16:48

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[/quote]Trevor, I am behind a proxy - I have validated that it is passing traffic.

(data/packet analysis tools on the proxy) I also tested this with a sister Centos Server of the same version and confirmed that my proxy settings/compatibility is/are correct.

The battlelog is broken" fix:[1] Go to your profile name in the top-right corner and click on it.[2] Click on Settings.[3] Under the Settings tab, you see "Game Launch - Use Plugin-free game launching" then click on the box to turn it on (green).

It turns green when its enabled and black when its disabled.[4] Click on the orange button "Save".[5] Close your internet browser then open it again and everything should work fine.

Neither does BF4DB carry over any information from individual servers automatically.

With the research I have done thus far it seems like my YUM key has fallen out of sync with the EPEL Repository.I still can't launch the game after I join a server!