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02-Jul-2020 18:08

The distribution and other characteristics are also important to distinguish them separately.This article intends to emphasize the differences between these two interesting carnivores.Early Spanish explorers of North and South America called it leon (lion) and gato monte (cat of the mountain), from which we get the name "mountain lion." “Puma” is the name the Incas gave this cat in their language.“Cougar” seems to have come from an old South American Indian word, cuguacuarana, which was shortened to cuguar and then spelled differently.However, they could produce low-pitched hisses, purrs, growls, whistles, and chirps.Since they cannot roar, cougars do not fall under the big cat category.

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The interesting fact about cougar is that they do not have a larynx and hyoid structures to roar like lions, panthers, or jaguars.In addition, the coat could sometimes be either silvery-greyish or reddish without complex stripes.However, the cubs and the adolescents vary in their colouration with spots as well.The spots or rosettes are not visible on a panther’s skin, but a very closer examination would reveal that the faded rosettes are there.

Since, panthers are carnivores; they also possess almost the same carnivorous adaptations viz.

People more often refer the black cougars or pumas being sighted and attempting to refer them as panthers.

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