Pretzel sex cam

13-Mar-2020 12:59

With your legs outside of hers, use your thighs to squeeze her knees together, which tightens her vagina around your penis.

This position is ideal for G-spot stimulation and also gives you a great view of her curves.

Start out soft and slow, then as you increase speed and pressure, reinsert once you’ve brought her to the brink of an orgasm.

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Interest in testing out new positions actually makes a big difference in her pleasure and her arousal, explains Jen Landa, M.

D., Chief Medical Officer of Body Logic MD and author of .

, vaginal and clitoral orgasms are separate sensations.

But don’t obsess over the source of her pleasure, though—just try something new.

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The Camel Ride How it works: Kneel and straddle her left leg while she’s lying on her left side.