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This is a list of known pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, privateers, river pirates, and others involved in piracy and piracy-related activities. Flemish pirate best known for his successful use of a ship-mounted catapult.

This list includes both captains and prominent crew members. For pirates of fiction or myth, see list of fictional pirates. Once won the favor of Robert the Bruce and acted as a naval officer for England during the Hundred Years' War (after being captured by King Edward III.) Dutch corsair and privateer who later became a Barbary corsair based in Algiers and Tunis during the early 17th century.

l'Ollonais had a reputation for brutality, offering no quarter to Spanish prisoners.

Famous by his raids against Maracaibo and Gibraltar, Venezuela.

His story appears only in Alexandre Exquemelin's History of the Buccaneers and the truth of his account is uncertain.Denarius coin of Sextus Pompeius, Roman pirate and general from the Roman Republic era of 44–43 BC. He and John Ward dominated the Western Mediterranean during the early 17th century. In an extension of the English Civil War in the Catholic colony of Maryland he and the Puritan settlers plundered ships belonging to Catholics and the colonial governor Lord Baltimore.