Police tackle compensated dating apps israel women american men dating

30-Jul-2020 02:20

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There is no shortage of men willing to pay for companionship and sex, and business is booming – one recently-busted ring had over 100,000 members.

The industry is supported by internet forums and apps like We Chat and Instagram, where prices are negotiated.

The ease of the system has girls in Hong Kong turning to compensated dating as a source of extra income; the authorities now see it as a serious problem.

Hong Kong Police Chief Inspector Frances Lee King-hei of the Family Conflict and Sexual Violence Policy Unit said last year that the accessibility of the market endangers the girls involved in it.

In 2008, an appalling new shocks all the Hong Kong people.

Wong Ka-mui, a secondary student who did compensated dating, was killed and dismembered (Lo, 2008). Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers & Therapists Ltd.

Chief Inspector Lee said in an email that “police do not maintain data regarding the number of persons engaging in compensated dating,” but the trend is being tracked in other ways.

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It means compensated dating, which is defined as men give money or luxury to attract women for companionship, some especially for sex.

However, they also connive compensated dating, because teenagers can search their ‘clients’ easily on those platforms.

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To uproot the origin of the immoral transaction, one suggestion is reinforcing the combating activity to eliminate channel for compensated dating. But women who work in the industry view it differently: for them, it’s often synonymous with confidence, empowerment, and easy cash.

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