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These days, 39-year-old Richert is a triple threat according to to his official website.

He's still up for acting gigs, but is also working as a director and a songwriter.

Many shoot for the stars and fall short, so if you manage to bag just one memorable and long-running TV role in your career, then you're among the lucky ones. , it's unquestionably for his performance as Andy Sipowicz that he's best remembered.

Still, we're left wondering, what happened next for those stars who never quite topped their defining role? He ended up playing the boorish detective for 12 years, earning four Emmys and a Golden Globe for his work.

"I just wanted to live an enjoyable, irresponsible, spend-time-with-my-family kind of life. I'm pretty good at doing nothing." You'll know O'Neal as Sam, friend to Melissa Joan Hart's heroine, who would sneak into his best pal's bedroom via a ladder – always accompanied by a "Hi, Sam!

" from Clarissa and a distinctive guitar twang on the soundtrack.

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In the main though, he's been putting his studies above acting.

Each episode was one hour long and the series was produced by a combination of Canadian and American companies.

The show ran for five years and 96 episodes on the USA network.

After five years of education in acting, Wilson was hired for some small roles in independent films, such as in Naked Jane and in Loser.

Then, in 1996, Wilson was preparing to continue her studies at an acting school in New York City, but she decided to audition first for a new television show to be produced for the USA cable TV channel in North America.

Walker was the second Bronson Twist (replacing season one's Rodney Mc Lennan, he was later followed by Matthew Waters for seasons three and four).