Passive aggressive dating pattern

16-Jul-2020 01:53

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Has your partner made poor money decisions in the past and your talk was about money? You can then see if your comment triggered some defensiveness — and maybe be honest and see if your comment actually had a passive aggressive tone — or perhaps an underlying 'I don’t trust you with money' to it."Oftentimes, the source of being passive-aggression is resentment that you haven't dealt with.

If you feel resentment and that sometimes slips out in nasty comments, you need to take a long look at the relationship. If you find that your partner is withdrawing and expressing their opinion less and less, there might be a reason for it. “All couples argue,” Sarah Watson, licensed professional counselor and sex therapist, tells Bustle.

When I would swim in the ocean as a kid, my mom would always tell me, “Beware of the undertow or riptide.

It will carry you out to sea.” A riptide is a strong current moving from the shoreline out towards the ocean. You ask them to do something and they say yes, maybe even with enthusiasm.

Sound off: How do you deal with passive-aggressive people?

When someone is passive-aggressive, it can be really difficult behavior to deal with.

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Lorna Smith Benjamin shows her approach to working with clients who exhibit this disorder.

It’s not only disarming, but it changes the dynamic.

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