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Jin, a neurosurgeon (played by Song Seung-heon) travels back in time to 1860.

Park played dual roles as the protagonist's girlfriend in the present-day (a comatose doctor), and her doppelgänger in the Joseon era (a sheltered noblewoman).

You're really great actor with your prominent smile. And "if" he did it, he of course should be punished for it. Park Yoochun will be releasing his first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet (tentative title)’ on January 18 and Kim Jaejoong will also release and album on February.. I am currently watching the Girl Who Sees Smell and again you nailed it. Congratulations and thank you for making as feel what we watched... I am happy for you that your dream come truth............ I can watch it over and over again and I will always laugh.

Looking forward to the return of our versatile drama prince - one and only one true shining star who is so loved by everyone. I am beginning liking the Korean drama series after seeing Rooftop Prince. I hope this will be over soon and that they can proof his innocence. I followed you again in I Miss You, you have done an amazing job, the Miss Ripley too as well as the Sungkuwan scandal... :-D I really wish for the latter :-P Love you 4ever Yoochun-ah We like to your acting in Sunkyungkwan Scandal. im really like you god bless you always, specially this is my first comment its also for u only You are really amazing person, with all those talents you have............. Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince made me laugh a lot, OMG!

hope you will find peace there, and come back as a dazling star, shining brighter than ever. He stands back on his own feet with all the support and encouragement poured to him from international fans and staff. The love between Lee Gak and Park Ha was so real and pure. Not everybody can find a true love, if found one, don’t let go. I am waiting for your new drama and hope you will come to Malaysia one day. I will recommend to my 2 sisters who have not watched any Korean drama, and also to my frieds. Some parts are unbelievable, and some characters were not developed, example the "bedridded" Yong, the real mother... The story lines and scripts have improved and more cartoons stuff of before. Park Yoo Chun loves the Sister, but gradually comes to love the other sister . Put me in chills and tears as I was very satisfied with the whole drama, Beginning to end ! i am one of your Big fan : D i really like you and your brother Rickey .. :) I really hope to see PART 2 OF MISS RIPLEY as it is one of the best korean drama i have watched.

i know you are retiring now from the entertainment industry but i hope it wont be permanent. I hope can see you again with good drama, song and movie. Once again, he has proved his popularity despite the horrible ordeal. I love all your drama and looking forward for Three Days and Sea fog. from now on i will follow you^^ fighting Park yoochunssi Hi Park Yoo-chun, You are wonderful. You were also great in SKKscandal, and you've got a great smile and cute eyes :), I like you very much. I love both of you, THANK YOU for giving your best. Park Yoo-Chun "SI SE PUEDE" I also want to hear you speak Spanish and sing for your Hispanic fans who are always thinking of you.. I have watched about 12 korean dramas in Manila, and so far, this is the best and my favorite. Korean dramas have improved a lot since 5 years ago. The Main Character, Park Yoo Chun, Plays his role so gracely that you think that you're in the drama . BTW , PARK YOO CHUN WOWO Mickey i really like your drama .. I'm so excited for his upcoming drama Rooftop Prince. I'm not surprised that he got an award coz he did a great job on his debut drama. :) Thumbs up for yr marvellous & great acting in MISS RIPLEY!!!

Really miss you ❤ I'm watching Yoochun 'S March 2018 Fan meeting cut mini concert DVD. Even though it's 8 yrs old there's just something about Asian dramas of this era that never gets old. Apparently the mess while he was in the service has scared the powers that he that do the dramas and such. I admire you for being so good looking and talented and yet still down to earth. Still looking forward for a solo or JYJ album though. i notice you at sungkyukwan,then at missing you..i can i say your one of the best... Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are my favorite stories. I wish you the best and I'll "always keep the faith" Park Yoo-Chunsshi, Thank you for your beautiful acting, especialy in Rooftop Prince And I miss you. If in US “Titanic”, “Rooftop Prince” will be the Korean version. love, love, love your voice, no matter who you sing with or by your self you always one of the best. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a Crown Prince. I hope to see more of your acting soon and singing as well. The sister is the mean character, Yet the other sister is the nice one .

Watching him in this drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he was amazing. If u haven't seen this drama ITS A MUST WATCH drama. Sad, but I don t think PYC is going to be back any time soon. Now can't get over you I think I will become your follower till I get old. We'll be having PYC overload on 2014 because of the movie and the new drama. I like your film I miss You because it's like me.... He's my first and the last love in my life.....every I watch it.. i have one fave korean singer and have one korean actor.. More kdrama`s to come and goodluck to your singing and acting career. Very excited to hear that you'll be debuting in Sea Fog. I have watched most of your singing videos on you tube. Micky Yoochun, you are so handsome and also have a beautifull voice, I am so proud of you for been a good Korean and representin your country the way you are, I'm pretty sure that more than one wants to be as good (in a good way) as you.... I am a middle age woman but yet, watching Yoo Chun in Rooftop Prince made me fall in love with him. His acting is fantastic, and the love chemical btwn Lee Gak and Park Ha really moved me to tears. First time I am watching a korean love drama and will watch out for his tv series. I've watched so many Korean dramas but none of them grabbed my attention the same way Rooftop Prince did. Suspenseful with a little bit of mental thought, But It is 100% Pure romance .

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I can't wait to see you again on your drama series after completing your military services..? We'll do our best for you, and anticipate the new film/drama..♥ so proud of Yoo Chun being praise by his Derector Kim Joon Sung of Lucid Dream because of his great acting. I don't know if this message can be readed by yourself... My friend asked me to watch your drama, Sensory Couple and Rooftop Prince after. I was really shocked when I know you are a singer, an idol. Ah, and you are funny, easy going, looks like you are humble (I wish this true). Wish you the best guys, I love your songs and your album..., is so my style. I give you a "Hand's Up" for being the person you are and being able to make your fans very happy. Hi Yoo Chun, you are such a talented singer as well as an actor. We all wish you the best and look forward to seeing you more! Dear Park Yoo-chun, I first saw you in Rooftop Prince, then Sungkyunkwan Scandal, then I Miss You. :)) but for me the rooftop prince really make his carreer more shine and better. "I Miss You" is the first time I've taken notice of Chun but his performance is so outstanding that I watched S.

It's not the first time that the government is using this tactic. ❤❤❤ Park Yoo-Chun I first saw you in rooftop prince and gosh I just love the way you act, you really deserve the best actor award. ;-) I hope i will see you and Min Young together in a drama or movie next maybe in a real life too.... Sorry we wish you a very happy birthday and all the best. Keep on your good job and hope you can have more lead roles. I love you and Park min young since then ;-) You are a great actor and i admire and adore you ( with Min young )biggest wish is that you become more successful in the future and be happy :-D My ultimate wish is for you to be with Min young as a couple in a real life ;-) Saranghae dear chun......, I would like to tell u ur the best best best actor I never ever seen any actor like you.......... i am a fan of yoochun oppa since he were in TVXQ until he became JYJ member with Junsu and Jaejoong oppa,. After watching all his dramas plus the japanese mini drama that is not mentioned above I have to say that he is a real, humble and succesful actor who can portray any role he likes.