Parental influence on dating

12-Mar-2020 06:28

The theory postulates that children develop certain behaviours and attitudes through observation and by modelling these behaviours and attitudes on those they look up, such as parents (Bandura, 1977).

Social learning theory has been repeatedly shown mediate parental influence on child development.

It was found that children who observed a adult role model acting physically and verbally violent to a ‘Bobo’ doll were significantly more likely to also act violent toward the doll.

Authoritative parents are demanding, but not restrictive and are highly involved with their child.Parents and peers can also influence child development in unique ways.For example, through different parenting styles or through peer pressure.An additional peer influence that has been shown to have an effect on child development is known as sociometric status.

Sociometric status can be defined as how liked or disliked a child is by his or her classmates and peers (Asher and Dodge, 1986) and has been linked to numerous aspects of development.

This study demonstrated the strong social influence of adult models on young children and the gender differences that accompany this influence.