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Colour played an important part in all Vermeer's paintings, and he had a particular weakness for the cool blue hue of natural ultramarine, made from the mineral Lapis Lazuli.This was (and still is) one of the world's most expensive colour pigments.The painter himself is wearing an obviously old-fashioned, historical outfit.The message is that painting is on a par with other arts like poetry and philosophy, and - more importantly - that painting can represent any visual manifestation, real or imagined, in the history of the world.How he managed to finance his generous use of ultramarine - even after the disastrous year of 1672 - remains something of a mystery.

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The picture is believed to have been Vermeer's favourite, which is rather surprising.The Dutch translation of this important Italian work, by Dirck Pietersz Pers, first appeared in 1644, and Vermeer, if he did not own a copy, must have known the book well.