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01-Jan-2020 17:35

One thing I don't like is men who don't say anything or just moan. Part of the turn-on is knowing you're possibly the best BJ they've ever had Why do you haven't tell him now?

As your relationship progresses sexually, and you give him lots of blowjobs, he's liable to figure out that you like them a lot.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to explore your fetish with like minded people which is why fetish personals is the perfect place to meet a hot naughty single for a date or some ultra kinky activities.

It strikes me as something an emotionally immature/young person who wants to impress a partner would do. He put pieces together when I actively initiated blow jobs.

It's like I went on a couple of dates with this guy and here I am fantasizing that I will be blowing him every morning, or Yeah I am actually indifferent about receiving oral. I wonder though if I expect reciprocation in other ways (i.e.

being a good boyfriend/occasional gifts, etc...) and get annoyed if my efforts are not acknowledged.

As a female I really enjoy giving bj and am rather annoyed that my current bf has a penis that's so large that it makes it difficult (tho it makes up for it in oh so many other ways ;) ) but I don't think it needs to be brought up in conversation. Although I liked BJs before, Being obsessed about them happened in the last, say, 2 years.

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They will just realize it when you go at it with great enthusiasm. Before that I had no sexual contact with anyone for 4 years. If you're afraid of being judged, but still want to see if it turns him on, don't say 'i love giving bj's' or 'i want to suck your dick' I was seeing a guy once who was pretty shy and who i had to wait weeks to finally lure him into a sexy conversation. Anyway, we were texting and I was telling him about how I hadn't really been with a guy in a long time and about how much I missed just being able to kiss someone whenever i wanted.Just go with the flow and talk about it when its brought up. When a partner tells me that they are really good at something it a) makes me feel like they are just trying to impress b) automatically makes me think of all the people they must have practiced on.

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