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19-Apr-2020 06:37

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The best places to find girls are: Stick to the upmarket clubs. If you find a hot girl, you can smile at her and invite her to your table. If you are fun and entertaining all the odds are in your favour, the girl will be in your bed by the end of the night.After you have successfully made her join your table, have fun. Expect to have the time of your life under the sheets.The best places to find them are malls; There are very high chances of hooking up during the day if you have a plan and are strategic. Malls are packed with university students hoping to get a sugar daddy etc.It is very much possible to pick up girls during the day.Due to the presence of acclaimed universities in the city like University of Nairobi and United States International University you will find the girls to be more independent,educated and open to the idea of hooking up and dating as opposed to other places in Kenya.These girls, have wasp-like waistlines, huge behinds, and sizeable busts.This is an online dating site where hook up takes only 3-5minutes after we have all requirements we request from you.

Be charming and flirty, you will get the girl in no time.Picking them up is not the challenge, choosing from the bevy of beauties will be the challenge.Nairobi girls love foreigners, especially white people.Nairobi girls are also very civilized and the girls are at par with what is happening in the rest of the world.

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Don't be too worried as to whether taking them to Avengers will be a good idea; they have most likely watched it.

There are many places where you can approach girls which are discussed in the following sections to give you a complete guide of how to hook up with a girl in Nairobi. You just need to be smart about it and charm her with your wit, humour and money.