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10-Sep-2020 13:57

When employees hear that, they will likely either feel relief, frustration, or anger.If they’re relieved, that means you’re missing a major opportunity to discover exactly what it is that employee doesn’t want you to know.Managers may not want to share every detail of these meetings with employees.For example, part of development is letting employees contemplate a problem on their own.

As an organization, we believe in conspiring for each other’s greatness.But one on ones are the most high leverage thing a manager can do to directly impact team productivity, morale and engagement.It seems counterintuitive that spending time will free up time, but that’s exactly what these meetings can do.Some managers hold one half-hour meeting with each employee every month, others do one hour each week.

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What matters most is creating the cadence and honoring it consistently.Beyond that, a manager’s job is to aid each employee on their personal and professional journey through life as it relates to working at your company.