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Out stepped pjola Kxi King like a inoi mcn(’d and Orson fell uui \ii ihe and cu- iar had been consumed The dn^t. And Uien ila Lli.iinpagni- r.m out Next lime Kisfr I red Uerm-r makes an a.i'hn,. '.'She can acquire no proj K'r- ^ty (except for her husb.mdi; * Uie ih^tont it becomes hc Ts. it lea ihe worid, Milit Hiy ai Kikeeiii M) in Tel Xvir raid Iwo . KPIItn'O Only 72.69 i CANA(i|i KOMK 3Aiiiiii CUMICK KMIt K Fil. ’• • ' - - —Oorii QA Hsmtito M ——Diirutioii Fiiiilei H \ In Ci Mii lwn Valley ihii Tainnmer will get h.l|)lul lianit «tlin they ship al.lkitnan t'liamlier ..f (V»inmi-i i'i. y*H iai 4 rrdll .4 i»m( (ialii M bi (((lilcsl Ihr fedt ral 4 omus Altn-riu scat in the itesl Uidrral rlri thill. )urrry in the li BM trdrral race and has hern uilivr wiiti Ihr rrds since hr fuiiit il Ihr (Mrly as a Student in ingi. IMJ af U-i wtiidi date the gxouulur will distzlbtite the aa M estate amung Uie pejtiea entitled tbertto. Price of D5.00C with approx l'3 down includes full ofhe • ^ line ( ...

And we waited and waited 'hie director got frantic and he had Uic j Milice check every ^issible Ixdcl on the way. Finally, after 10 day) Uiis lustry station-wagon pulls up to Uic hotel. rhe fastesf end nuot powemd in die Si Aiet aieenal. Hie ile- mand has been'ihaslically cut and ihere liuve lann»|iit operatii Ki m the l^uecii ilrnr- loile L □ llll. Itaiw Hill i ll (iuit» aie prepai uig ha* .•liiiuul jutlging field day to la’ held dalunlay. May 'J7 al 'tile I'exhibiiiou gi ounu» slarlmg ai 9 S W Tue city i» inviting i.oiiuiiriti to the tial- lig uiail. He replace A May^u’ Ar- I hit- (idltiiaiih of 4 'emrai .^aanin 4ati»f4((oiidihoii (ii'r*(hall Distiict •H.,..,u. "1 Would not like to »ee the governiriehl in a positnin wheie il Would iiave to iiring in Inis kind of prugrani la.i if tiie her^un ptohlem continues. Federal "ISiuuiuee C'Ourleoay high s« Immi I Irai hi-r Ih-it H-rf hi-ilh ln.il, 'ib, was (Mlcil rei rally hy Ihr 4 Kiii KS ! A .pfeesfftf eeffhrg with view of fhe mountains, lust off the bea¬ ten track Coniact David Hansen LM5 Monies ltd, Courtengy, ■ c.

Izj Ase M em'ered by the fund Include: • The failure of a parti* i- paring contpaity* to refund any payment received from a client for a security . as directed by a client, funds received in c«Mum-ri(ably children stuffing tw'igit and stleks through the holea of a man¬ hole co\er about a block away at Knight and KJngaley. laabor couiis migin be a suitable alternative, lie agreed to ^Ln ipterview later. Tia.' graduates will re¬ ceive Wdllel-sioed cellifi- Ldles " iiie- Im-a'Kaifiety cou R’.-ll ex¬ ecutive Ury' saul, "On s--ein'jr^l 1 im-yclcs in h si Tioo I ( vcie i Mlvyoii can figuie tliai •a its •iisre to savif 4.

b(jf theyaleinf' could not re¬ solve the basic issue of obe¬ dience to authority. Wallace scored the greatest triumph ot tils White Huuee campaign as he lay pariially paralysed, .gunned duwn'ih an assasshiution attempt. _^ At a epe.-i Aj J.,ai Jysn.itli‘ hiwn coiu Kh i Tieering.

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133-114lh YEAR VICIORU, BRITISH COIIMBIA, MEDNESIUY, MAY 17, 1972 H CINTt DAILY SI CINTS SUNDAY John D. David Leuis Verbal Duel Rocks House OTTAUA it T'i Da\jd l.ev\'i A and John Diefenbaker suged a hard-liitllng mini* debate li^ore an aix Ktsed Commona Tueida^ . The iffindutions state a claim slui U lie limited to the dii'ect out-of-isx'kel los-s sul- (ered by a person wito was a bonafide client of a participa¬ ting conqiany at 'the time tlie duty or obligatiun was first incuircd. Campbell it chairman of the public works eoavnlltee and was on the scone Sunday alvurtly alter the trouble was ret- nell told a news conference after an address to the Cana¬ dian Labor Congress conven¬ tion. ' * * Mc Ru^ said "Tne course will comprise h Mir one/^iu/ur jierioils of rtiee ig- iimvd.

Its madness is based in Northumberland but the many find are in Harlem.

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