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" Then you figure out that, no, it's not the end, what you have to do is enlarge, so your relationship and your love become bigger.When you keep doing that for a while, it becomes such a refuge, such a wonderful, nurturing environment that you don't want to leave it.'He has his parents' marriage as a model for how to stay together in Hollywood.Like, when you're talking about Thelonious Monk, it seems he's just writing it right there in front of you, it's just all happening. There should be no apparent obligation to the audience.'In other words, he is not a Tom Cruise, George Clooney or Mel Gibson, the guys who can solve anything. Bridges is not much interested in difficult things, bad journeys, things that don't work out. In the 1975 western Thunderbolt and Lightfoot - the second film, after The Last Picture Show, for which Bridges was Oscar-nominated - there is a scene in which, with a gun shoved in his back, he continues to lick the ice-cream cone he is holding in his hand.Hell, he can't even pick an entrée.'Now, as I recall, the sauce the salmon comes in is out of this world, but on the other hand...' The waiter hums softly to himself. 'I find that I spend most of my life resisting decisions.'I pick the fish for him and ask how on earth he ever managed to make an entire film, let alone, as he did with the little-seen American Heart, produce one.'Hmmm. This is his great talent as a human being: tasting the ice-cream instead of feeling the gun.We play it all the time." 'In a similar attempt not to have to make a decision, Bridges has purposefully allowed his body to fluctuate over the course of his career.In Against All Odds (1984) and, eight years later, American Heart, he was absolutely rock hard.He is wearing a cowboy hat and a sheepskin jacket and you can see his face just crumpling.Eventually she said yes, and they have been together ever since.'Whenever our marriage is tested and we feel that this could be the end, we say, "Have we come to the edge?

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Like Bridges himself, it's a charming mess, meandering but never dishonest.But he's a character actor who, from his 1971 debut as a disaffected Texas teen in The Last Picture Show, was handsome enough to slip in and out of romantic leads at will.