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12-Oct-2019 00:26

Love Nudge, the official app of the 5 Love Languages, puts the concept of the love languages to work to create healthy habits in a relationship.Through exchanging playful nudges, setting goals, and tracking activities, Love Nudge helps couples learn how to cater to each other’s needs to sustain a supportive relationship.Between allows you to keep a shared calendar with special dates, send romantic messages to each other, and even store memorable photos and videos.

With just a few minutes a day, you and your partner can be on your way to a lifetime of happiness with each other.

Honeydue is the go-to personal finance app for you and your partner.

Track your bank balances, bills, and spending together in one place.

Rather than nagging your partner to give you attention or affection, let Love Nudge do the nagging for you.

If you’re frequently tapping your foot impatiently while texting bae “Where r u??!!?? The app uses a phone’s GPS to share its real-time location with one or more parties and includes a map so you can pinpoint their exact location and scheduled time of arrival.

If you think the quest for ~connectivity~ ends at "I do," you're missing out.