Nathaniel marston dating kathy brier

01-Nov-2019 14:14

Nathaniel Marston's One Life to Live love interest is remembering the late actor.Hawaii, last month, where costar Kathy Brier delivered a eulogy.And as those few weeks went by, Nate’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson updated OLTL and ATWT fans, friends, and colleagues of Nathaniel’s gut-wrenching day-to-day physical status.At the time of his passing, it is now revealed that Nathaniel was looking for a fresh start in show business after kicking his drug habit that his mother says she believed started in 2003, when he fell from a roof, smashing his heel and breaking his back.

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I think he felt people’s spiritual pain, and I think that’s where his demons came from.” She went on to detail that in 2012, Marston moved to Gerlach, Nevada, after getting clean and found a new life in the rural community where Jackson also lives.Michael Mc Bain on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live from December 3, 2007, to June 17, 2009. To read the exclusive story at today on the life and struggles of the late Nathaniel Marston makes his passing all the more heartbreaking.0 As much we like to think the actors have the same relationships . --but I do give him a LOT of credit for at least making.

murder, while Nathaniel Marston and Kathy Brier got wet and naked on the roof. The love and respect between us naturally carried over onto the screen.

Last Saturday, his former colleagues, friends, family, and mourners gathered together for his memorial service in New York City.

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