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19-Nov-2019 01:44

I had gone to their place on a rainy day, and she was coming back from the market.

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Although I have never been with a man, I do have bi-sexual thoughts and Jen is really turned on by the idea as well.

I also, for some reason, really get off on the idea of Jen fucking and sucking other men which she has taken advantage of a few times...

The best sight was her cleavage showing sexily from her short blouse and her saree sticking to her navel...

I liked her hot body, her shapely midriff, a flat tummy, a deep navel and most of all a perfect pair of breasts held in place by a bra. pull my face into his pinkish brown sack that carried his precious family jewels...I always wanted to fuck my mother and sisters and nothing was going to stop me.