Movie tips for dating girls dating career woman

25-Jun-2020 15:13

Examples: Robert Redford is the Hero (no surprise).

When Kirsten Thomas-Scott's character calls him to make arrangements for his help, he rebuffs her. She was a lady that was used to getting her way and being a bully about it.

This was a good man, not a "nice guy" and there is a difference.

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Indochine was a movie about the French in Vietnam, that compared a mother and a daughter, in contrast to one another, and their affair with a young French officer. Even though the guy was certifiable he sure could charm women!

Weed through the advice the different characters tell each other and ditch all the shallow shit (because it is transparent and untruthful, which women can tell), and focus on the great truth of the situation. The ending is an amazingly great commentary on human interaction, imo.

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