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09-Feb-2020 15:14

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To all the morons who thinks this is a sexist portrayal of female protagonists in games: Go fuck yourselves!!!

Samus is so fucking manly that she can eat an entire Steak with nails and razor blades embedded in it, then drink a whole gallon of blood from her enemies to wash it all down!

For example, what you could do is use the Spider Ball to climb out of the pit you just entered like this, or if you're as edgy as I am, you could tell that Spider Ball to go fuck itself and do this!

This is the sequence breaking that was missing in the Prime and Fusion games.

WARNING: If you suck so much at games, then don't play this, only to complain to me that you can't get past virtually the first minute of the game.

Also, minor spoilers, even though it's a metroid game, so the plot should be known by now.

The male population has decreased dramatically as a result of long, bloody, intergalactic wars.

Now all men are property of the United Galactic Federation and are used only for reproduction purposes.

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Like with EA releasing the same football game, all they do is update some stats, new roster, then bam!! If you're like me going around having taste and all that shit, and have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, it's some shitty dating sim featuring a diverse cast of characters, such as Durka Durka Jihad, a Discount Jenny Mc Carthy, SSSHHHHEEEEIIITTT!!!!

There’s a little something for everyone in next week’s games, whether you’re into racing games, dungeon crawlers, or multiplayer action games.

Read on for everything you need to know about the games launching the week of August 15, 2016.

In special cryogenic capsules, male individuals are shipped to different parts of the universe for the settlement of new planets. After awaking from hypersleep he decided that time of sexual revolution has came.

Metroid’s Samus Aran was exploring an alien cave in zero suit mode. She got ambushed by a sex-hungry alien tentacle monster that stuffed her mouth, ass, and pussy with its dick-like appendages. Well, here's one example of what makes this version better than the original; it has color...said!! You could do one-button morphing, and auto-climbing, aimlock to walk backwards, and just walking.