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07-Oct-2019 18:45

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As we all know, trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

) So when your partner asks your opinion on a topic, or wants to know how you feel about a certain subject, tell the truth.

Even if it’s not what he or she wants to hear at the moment, your honest and direct answer will score major points in terms of deepening and strengthening the connection you two are building together, and allow the other person to know you in deeper ways.

Mixed Messages About “the Ex” When you are building a new relationship with someone, a former boyfriend or girlfriend is one subject where you absolutely cannot allow any ambiguities. Any time the ex’s name comes up, you need to be perfectly clear regarding the fact that things are definitely over between you, and that you have moved on without a doubt.

A clear and direct “Let’s take things slowly until we both figure out what we want” is infinitely better than an enthusiastic promise that you’re not sure you want to live up to.

Physical Mixed Messages Your words aren’t the only way you can make promises.I bet you guys have awesome snacks.] "Men" - Also presumably a monolithic entity representing all male humans. What are these mixed messages and how can I start sending them. Was it that time I contradicted myself and said I like Coke better than Pepsi? "The last few decades" - I feel like the timeline here is a bit vague: So...starting in roughly the year 1985, women started sending men mixed messages: Man: What do you want to eat? Asking for a friend.] "...leaving boys utterly confused..." - Wait a minute--I thought we were talking about men here, but now we've somehow reverted to boys--who I am sure spend at least 80% of their waking hours thinking about those insidious mixed messages women seem to be sending them. "...about what they are supposed to represent to women" - Now, I don't mean to be insulting, but I spend exactly zero seconds of my time thinking about what I am supposed to represent to men. If boys/men are spending that much time contemplating what they are supposed to represent to women (A partner? Is it the fact that I made more money than you last year? "Role of breadwinner" - Men don't automatically inherit this role because they are men. "...taken away from them" - Wow, those feminist assholes. I think women should earn less by default, then maybe those poor boys will stop being so confused by the mixed messages. I mean, I could be wrong here, but it seems like not every woman has the exact same goal in every situation.