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From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they were inseparable.

As was to be expected, drawers in the joke file began to fill under the headings ‘Grandson,’ ‘Grandmother,’ and ‘Cooper.’ One of my favorite jokes was: ’When people say the baby got my nose, I say, ‘The joke’s on you!

MR: She would be terribly, terribly sad that this is the world that my son is being raised in. This is a woman who spent her whole life laughing at herself and her world. She believed that laughter is the common denominator in every language.: So you’re dating a nice Jewish talent agent?

The only daughter of %c Joan Rivers% is reportedly dating Steven Hirsch who runs Vivid Entertainment, a company which has bought the copyrights to major celebrity sex tapes including %c Paris Hilton%'s, %c Kim Kardashian%'s and %c Shauna Sand%'s.Her jokes were meticulously organized, kind of like the Dewey Decimal System, in metal filing cabinets that I kept after I sold her apartment in New York.: So would you say that you take after your mother?MR: I try to stay organized, but my father was really the compulsive one. This book is the history of her career, all told through archival material that’s never been seen before.Broadway will be less bright and vibrant without him.

Melissa Rivers called her mother, Joan, a “maximalist,” which she once described as “rich people hoarding.” So when it came time to write a book that would be the ultimate Joan Rivers-fan keepsake, a maximalist title was in order: (; Abrams), by Melissa Rivers with Scott Currie, is 170 pages of memories and mementos of the witty, sharp-talking blond dynamo, die-hard New Yorker, world traveler, philanthropist, devoted mother and grandmother.I would send pages to friends and they’d start laughing, too. What a fabulous trip down memory lane for Joan Rivers’ fans.