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22-Oct-2020 17:10

The world of dating and relationships is a tricky one full of pitfalls to dodge and misunderstandings to avoid.If you know the personality type of the guy or girl who’s caught your eye it can make avoiding conflict and needless arguments SO much easier.Say thank you, use your manners, be considerate and responsible.Don’t force them into new situations without warning, and use a good dose of common sense in your decisions.Related: 10 Things You’ll Relate to If You’re an ISFPESTPs need to know that you won’t try to put them in a box, control them, or manipulate them.It can take them a while to truly commit to someone, but once they do they’re in it for the long haul.ESTJs work hard, but they know how to play hard too!Related: Understand the Cognitive Functions of the ESTJESFJs need to know that you have strong values, that you care about them, and that you’ll be responsible and reliable.

ISTPs don’t discuss their emotions much and are more likely to show their affection through action and acts of service rather than words.

Here are some helpful things you should know about each type so that you don’t have unnecessary fights and squabbles. Mean what you say, keep your promises, and show up on time! Phoniness, manipulation, and two-faced gossip are major turn-offs for them.

Don’t take them for granted, don’t be wishy-washy, and don’t assume that since they don’t ramble about their feelings they don’t have any.

Related: 10 Things You Should Never Say to an ISTJISFJs need to know that you’re there for them through thick and thin.

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Follow through on your commitments, be clear about your expectations, and notice when they do nice things for you!They want someone with their own goals, their own dreams, and a good sense of humor and common sense.

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