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25-May-2020 19:15

But it was immediately after this moment that he had the entire audience smiling and clapping away.Heartthrob tennis pro who was also an unwitting star on the NBC reality dating show 'Age of Love.' At nineteen years old, he was ranked as a top-fifty tennis player in the world and was the youngest on the list.In fact, he said she once flew from Las Vegas to New York when she knew she was fertile just to have sex with him. Swordsman Eddie has a fine history in wooing the ladies, so it was no surprise that he managed to score a date with the Baywatch beauty.It all happened back in 2006 in LA when they were spied at a restaurant getting hot and heavy with one another. The most famous socialite in the US was seen cosying up to the Real Madrid-bound footballer.Needless to say, she was probably ' Bjorn again' dating the Swede.' Iron Mike' and his fling with Naomi was something that never made it to the tabloids.

She divorced Jagger in 1979 and in or around that year she briefly hooked up with tennis legend Bjorn.Although they kept their romance from prying eyes, these two were a couple for a brief minute.They were first spied together looking cosy at the infamous New York hotspot Studio 54.At that time, Burt was the biggest actor in Hollywood after starring in Deliverance, The Mean Machine and Smokey and the Bandit.

Needless to say, their relationship was the talk of the town and made the pair headline news.

The 2003 Wimbledon finalist grabbed a drink from a spectator in the front row to refresh himself after hitting the ball out.