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30-Jul-2020 16:53

I’m a big believer in discipline and consistency, but I don’t want him to take life too seriously.“I’m so happy to be 37 and not in my 20s anymore,” she says.“I just feel like I really do know myself better than I ever have.

Replaced Lindsay Lohan in the role of Linda Lovelace in Lovelace (2013) (aka Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story (????

His father is Magnus Åkerman and his mother is Pia Sundström.

Malin also popular for her role in comedy series Trophy Wife.

We have a joie de vivre vibe about everything.” When it comes to dating, Akerman says she’d love a partner one day, though for now, she’s not “actively looking.” Says the actress: “It’s hard because your heart is so full for your child, the next guy that comes along is going to have a lot of competition!

“You put my dad in a pile of [crap] and he will find the positive in it,” Akerman, 37, tells PEOPLE.

star and Donnelly attended a party celebrating Ariana Rockefeller’s handbag collection in Puerto Rico on Friday (10Mar17) and they were snapped locking lips at the get together.

Malin and Jack have yet to comment on the rumored romance, but a source tells magazine they are dating.

Of course I want him to have manners and respect, but I also want him to have fun.