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06-Sep-2020 08:27

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Next Monday 7 November the much talked about schedule changes take place.

The big change is that The World at One will have an extra 15 minutes.

The few open air outings I've had in London have been walking around Hampstead Heath. The last few mornings have been glorious October autumn.

The trees on the Heath still in full leaf (back in Cumbria the trees are swept bare of leaves because of the high winds and now their branches scratch the louring skies) and an air of frolic about that little urban Eden.

Radio 4's scheduling guru Tony Pilgrim is going to blog at the end of the week about the changes and also answer any of your questions about the new schedule. Gwyn has blogged previously about the changes and in particular her desire to extend the World at One. In the meantime I've compiled a list of the Monday to Friday afternoons so you can see the programmes that have moved and the changes that have been made.

Monday: I've picked out a selection of the currently available Radio 4 podcasts.

You can listen online or download to keep, or put onto your phone or MP3 player.

Great, said Mohit, let's put that out on Saturday week.

It is full of contradictions and fuzziness and qualifications.

But once we got used to that, it was a tantalising project.

Some podcasts are available for only seven days (eg Comedy of the Week; Friday Night Comedy) but others do have a huge archive you can download at any time (eg Desert Island Discs; In Our Time).

If you haven't used podcasts from the BBC before there's some podcast help here.Some people call it the No-Bell, Nobel prize because they feel so strongly that Jocelyn Bell-Burnell should have shared in the award." More info Podcast 3.