Lost interest in dating

04-Jul-2020 03:19

Actually, it puts a lot of pressure on a budding relationship since when you hope for something and end up eagerly something, you are waiting in anticipation for something to happen in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Instead of being able to enjoy your time with the person and getting to know them, you’re waiting in anticipation to “get somewhere”.To the other person, this makes you feel disconnected and tuned out…, not from turning something that is not working into something that is magically going to work.You can thank Hollywood for giving you the false idea that you can somehow turn a guy who is not interested into the man who gets down on one knee for all the world to see and professes his undying devotion to you (this is an extreme example but captures the core of what I am trying to convey to you here…) The bottom line is .or you wind up trying to chase the guy’s love and attempting to force him to be the way you want or do the things you want… All this can be avoided if you don’t build up a fantasy in your mind and then expect your dreams to come true.A common side effect of having expectations is, you get so excited about the expected outcome that you end up trying to make a situation work that is not naturally working, by trying to shove a square peg through a round hole.and because you want this, project this upon the guy.You might think the interactions are leading into something, when in reality, if you really thought about it, you would see that beyond a physical relationship there is not much there.

You could go out with your friends too and give him room to miss you.: anewmode’s perspective This is another common situation. Things seem great and you think there might be a connection and a real chance of things working out.