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It’s actually more of a FTOO, FTOO, FTOO; so just be aware.

Greeks cash in so big on their ”name day”, that this day is actually considered to be of greater importance than their birthday.

They also choose feminine outfits to emphasize their curves. But they are fragile inside and hope to meet a man who will take a part of the responsibility.

They aren’t career-oriented and ready to pass on financial issues to the male.

Local brides love beauty treatments and prefer natural products such as oils, creams with organic ingredients and massages.

Nature gave hot Greek brides a perfect body, which they keep in shape with the help of sport and healthy food.

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Education is very important for local ladies so they study hard at school to enter the best university. Therefore, they are able to combine lessons with work. Sexy Greek women love to read books and develop in different areas.The good news is that you can have the ‘spell’ broken by someone who knows how to do a special ritual done with oil, water and prayers.Some Traditions that Set Greeks Apart There are definitely some ‘different’ traditions you might come across when dating a Greek that you just don’t find elsewhere. That’s right, spitting on someone is a way of diminishing any form of evil energy or presence!Greeks are known to become extremely passionate about any competition in which Greece is involved.

From football to Eurovision, if victory is theirs, they will flood the streets waving flags out of cars, honking their horns, and singing and shouting as if they had actually been the ones to win the award.Of course, passion comes in various forms, and self-expression is something that Greeks are passionate about.

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