Lack of chemistry dating

31-Dec-2019 10:07

So I am kinda looking for a bit more nuanced feedback on my situation from men and women.I have considered it simply being a run of bad luck, but it happening time and time again could indicate that maybe I or at least something I am doing was the issue.Usually I meet up, we go on a few dates, anywhere from one to three dates where we have a great time (At least that is my impression and what I am told), after which I am then told that she didn't feel any chemistry but likes me as a friend, and thus isn't interested in pursuing a relationship.

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I always have some, next, thing for us to do and I generally end the date at a reasonable time so that it doesn't feel dragged out.I'm not saying this to brag I'm just saying whatever the fuck I've done has seemed to work. I mean, I think the same is true for me until the last part at least.I also often have deeper and more personal convos on dates, and generally the entire communication part just works out really well.Like hookups or women coming over and talking to me while I am out happen occasionally.

I am by no means a 10/10 guy, but I know for sure that my problem isn't really my looks.

If it was, then I wouldn't be getting second and third dates I kinda think blaming attractiveness is the easy way out, when you feel lost in dating.