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11-May-2020 00:14

Rudyard Kipling used one as a kind of personal logo. But the use of the Tudor Rose on signs in Cornwall I, as an Englishman, find singularly inappropriate.

Were I Cornish born I would feel the same way about it as if it were a Nazi-style swastika.

I would merely quote the Cornish Ordinalia, and the references to King Tudor as the ubiquitous villain of the piece!

JL, by the way, are you Cornish, English or just ignorant?

All power to the spray painters' elbows, therefore!

Your mind boggling justification for all those brave boys and their spray can handy work, is that when they see a Tudor Rose, they see a Nazi style Swastika …… But rest assured Adrian, those sign spoilers will still go about their anti social business as long as the pipe smoking, cardy wearing, dusty history book reading ‘intellectuals’ continue to goad them on, giving them alibis’ of intent and a biased sense of history – from a safe distance, obviously.

You are well out of order, Adrian and you should be ashamed of yourself.

You have the absolute gall to compare the Tudor rose with the Swastika and everything that means to a generation that are in the twilight of their years.

It would have been remarkable indeed if "An Ordinale Kernewek" (The Cornish Ordinalia) had described the Tudor monarchs as villains, as the three pieces were written circa 1400, about 85 years before the Tudor dynasty in England began, and about 97 years before the first of the rebellions.

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When Adrian asks JL if he is ignorant, isn't it a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?Well Adrian, I’ve heard of new slants, getting a different angle or nuance to an argument but your latest posting defies credibility, even coming from one that has gone so far down the road to conversion as yourself.