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It also serves well to accentuate Kate's blue eyes. It looks like some eastern European country where Vampires and Werewolves truly belong.It also looks like the sets from Van Helsing but I am sure that's just coincidental.He, it seems is the original vampire and his twin brother was the original werewolf.His brother is imprisoned in a cell designed by Selene's human father and she is the last surviving vampire to know of the location of this cell.Purchase now on Amazon for .99Written by John Logan, and directed by Martin Scorsese, The Aviator is a biopic filled with epic visuals and amazing acting about Howard Hughes, one of the richest men in American history, who made films and machines others said couldn’t be made. reporter Rachel Armstrong (Beckinsale) is questioned about her informant in a high-profile case involving American CIA agent Erica Van Doren (Vera Farmiga), she has to make the difficult choice to either reveal her source or face imprisonment.With an all-star cast featuring Beckinsale as famed Hollywood actress Ava Gardner and Cate Blanchette as Katherine Hepburn, The Aviator is a film stays centered, even as the main character slowly unravels. With a smart script and direction from Rob Laurie, the film and cast featuring Angela Bassett and Alan Alda, work to show the complexities of what happens behind the scenes in journalism, and the questions journalists must ask themselves when their own freedom is on the line.Based on Jane Austen’s novel, ‘Lady Susan’, Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship follows the recently widowed Lady Susan Vernon (Beckinsale) on her entertaining and dramatic path to finding a new husband for herself, and for her daughter Federica (Morfydd Clark).Needing an ear to complain to, Lady Susan grows close to Alicia Johnson (Chloë Sevigny), an American who has grown fond of British life.

They use UV guns to kill vampires, but they can't come up with a garlic one to kill werewolves? The special effects are decent and the director films it all in blue light for that night time look.

Not available on Amazon When Selene (Beckinsale), a vampire, meets Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) after he is bitten by a Lycan, she has to decide if to destroy him, or go against everything she was taught as a Death Dealer, and let him live when she learns he may be the key to either stopping the war between the vampires and Lycans, or the destruction of both clans.

Directed by Len Wiseman, Underworld quickly became a cult favorite amongst genre fans for its quick action scenes, new mythology and Beckinsale’s portrayal as Selene.

His character is strictly that of pretty boy, apart from the few times he gets to wolf out.

Despite the plot not being important, the holes in it are impossible to ignore. It looks good, as does its star, but underneath the stylish veneer is nothing but an empty shell.As Lady Susan, Beckinsale is captivating as a woman who has no issues exerting her independence in an era where women were taught to rely on their husbands.

Their diagnostic tests seem to key in on the fundamental essence of our personalities, ensuring that we’ll be paired with the one person in the world whose fundamental essence will resonate to ours.… continue reading »

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