Kanye dating selita Kenya sex

15-Jun-2020 17:02

First of all, this one makes slightly more sense, because Kim likes African-American dudes (she has a type, people), and Kanye likes light-skinned girls with lots of junk in the trunk.

However, I think Kanye is still dating Selita Ebanks.

Brian Schyler, a local jazz singer who was also dining at the late-night restaurant, tells In Touch exclusively, “Kanye had his arm around her all evening!

” And Kim sat extra-close to Kanye until the wee hours of the morning.

Kim’s face is much more cat-like at this point, but Selita’s got something weird happening too.

, and they’re claiming Kim is doing the dirty with Kanye West.

[/quote] i2i is arrogance is quite sexy to me, love a confident man AND talented? KANYE COME HERE LET ME WHISPER IN YA EAR [quote comment="106654"]Stop hating on Selita, why are we so hard on our own women?