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30-Sep-2020 21:20

Shavit had withdrawn from public appearances following allegations of harassment by a Jewish journalist the previous year.

After the 92Y announcement, two additional women came forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct.

Neither the Jewish community – from its synagogues and schools to numerous nonprofits – nor the State of Israel were immune.

Seeing victims of sexual misconduct come forward with stories involving powerful men, and watching major figures exit public life as a result, was simultaneously inspiring and disorienting.

Toward the end of October, The New Republic’s former literary editor Leon Wieseltier, considered one of America’s leading Jewish intellectuals, was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

Mc Ginity said in her speech she was pleasantly surprised by “the abundance of gratitude [from] women and men from every sector of the global Jewish community,” and the extent to which academics and Jewish organizations stood behind her.