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28-Oct-2020 07:58

According to recent reports, the first game from Respawn Entertainment, called Titan Fall, will be an Xbox One exclusive. It’s a clear sign that Microsoft is going all-in to dominate PS4 in the next-generation. Because true third-party exclusives like these cost big, big money.Other rumours suggest that Mirror's Edge 2 and Fallout 4 could also be single format games--or at the least Xbox and PC only. During the current generation true third-party exclusives have dwindled from ‘unusual’ to ‘rare as rocking horse droppings’. However, fully exclusive games remain very expensive, which is what makes the Titan Fall news so significant.

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The army is mustered by the Kochs (the biggest leaseholders in the tar sands) and Conoco Phillips and Petro China and the rest, and their enemy is all that is wild and holy. It is hideous, a vandalism of the natural and human world that can scarcely be imagined.In fact, we could see a scenario where the next-gen will be ‘won’ by the console manufacturer not with the best original games, but with the biggest wallet.To walk the roads through even a corner of Alberta’s vast tar sands complex is to visit a kind of hell.This may be the largest industrial complex on our planet—the largest dam on Earth holds back one of the many vast settling “ponds,” where sludge from the mines combines with water and toxic chemicals in a black soup.

Because any bird that landed on the filthy water would die, cannons fire day and night to scare them away.By throwing money around, Microsoft has gone from gaming unknown to market leader in just over a decade. Microsoft has not only paid for great exclusives, but has also done deals to weaken its competition or level the playing field. Call of Duty Modern Warfare) or never released (eg. However, with the more ‘traditional game’ focus of Wii U, even Ninty is being forced to look around for exclusive content--we’ve seen the first signs of that with Bayonetta 2, Zombi U and the recent deal with Sega to keep the Sonic series exclusive for the next three games. With the next-generation it seems exclusivity will be the key battle-ground between Sony and Microsoft.

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