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Of them, 100 were R-SUD patients receiving care from a government agency and 80 constituted a non-clinical control sample.We found that individuals recovering from SUD are more likely to report a history of childhood trauma, particularly emotional neglect, as well as current dissociative experiences.Implications for the planning of effective treatment for MD are discussed.This paper presents an inquiry of art products produced by 9 individuals with maladaptive daydreaming who provided pictorial and verbal descriptions of both their condition and themselves.Summary Traumatized individuals were more likely to report dissociative experiences during their opioid use (chemical disso- ciation) and were more likely to report dissociative experiences during abstinence.

One hundred eighty Israeli Arab men participated in this study.

The immersive components of daydreaming predicted higher empathy for fantasy characters and poorer emotional regulation.

These results suggest that the immersive and maladaptive components of MD have distinct behavioral correlates, but that any form of immersive daydreaming is not an effective emotional regulation strategy.

Furthermore, we also provided evidence that compared to a matched control group; R-SUD patients tend more to engage in intense and immersive daydreaming that can reach pathological levels (MD).

The study also showed that the relationship between traumatic emotional neglect and later dissociation is partially mediated by the propensity for extreme daydreaming.

Previous studies on survivors of childhood trauma documented associations between psychological dysregulation, impulsivity, and both behavioral and emotional manifestations of distress.

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