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I will note that the cited source (JTA) - doesn't support this either (it does say few - not never).

Icewhiz (talk) , 19 December 2018 (UTC) The Cooperation and Brotherhood article is poorly written. I fixed its lede in this edit a few years ago, but the rest of the article was never corrected.

The article Arab citizens of Israel, along with other articles relating to the Arab–Israeli conflict, is currently subject to active arbitration remedies resulting from three arbitration cases (see WP: A/I/PIA).

The current restrictions are: After being warned, discretionary sanctions can be used against any editor who repeatedly or seriously fails to adhere to the purpose of Wikipedia, any expected standards of behaviour, or any normal editorial process.

The Palestinians are a group that have been Arabized, i.e.

they have culturally and linguistically adopted an Arab identity, much like the Egyptians, but they are not ethnic Arabs, again, much like the Egyptians. Sources are: As far as the "there are Arab citizens of Israel that reject the Palestinian label" there are likewise Palestinian citizens of Israel that reject the "Arab" label, or if we are being more honest about the poll results, prefer Palestinian over any other option.

Avoiding defining Arab in this article, given this is a complex topic, may be prudent.

That is indeed how Arab is often defined, but it would be much like using that to claim a "European ethnicity" that is common to all inhabitants of the European Union.